I am hungry for more. I want to see the whole and the particulars, and to how everything fits together. I have more questions than answers.

I am a wanderer forging my own meandering path. A mother, a lover, a writer, a gardener. I believe in the spiritual power of pleasure, that food is more than nourishment, movement more than exercise.

Where I find myself now: In the middle, the transition from youth to maturity. In Crossfit and yoga. In the kitchen. In contemplation. Breathing.

Where I've been: I grew up in Colorado and came east for graduate school where I earned a masters degree in English. I grounded my foundation as a writer in my studies of women's memoirs, mother-daughter relationships and French feminist theory; it's no surprise, then, that I eventually found my profession in women's online media. Along the way I wrote restaurant reviews for the Brooklyn Rail and started my own food blog. And because it's never just about personal gratification for me I joined the "good food" movement, helping to organize the first Brooklyn Food Conference in 2008 and becoming the communications manager for the Brooklyn Food Coalition that arose from it. Food, writing, and my commitment to enhancing women's lives all came together when I became the food editor at SheKnows.com. Now as a freelance contributor to several different publications I have broadened my focus to wellness: fitness, movement, health, home, relationships and yes, food. Always food. 

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