My LinkedIn profile

As a writer, I report on food, health, fitness, home and real estate. My work has been featured in HealthyishPrevention.comLifehacker, and Previously I was the Food and Home Editor at SheKnows, and prior to that I was a staff writer at CafeMom's The Stir.

I grew up outside Denver, Colorado, went to Brigham Young University (yes, I was Mormon; no, I'm not anymore), earned my master's degree from Hunter College, and spent most of my adult life in Brooklyn. I currently live with my son and fiance in Westchester County.

I also have a wellness coaching business, Hot Shift.

When I'm not writing or coaching I'm doing CrossFit, rolling out my muscles, doing yoga, taking gymnastics, taking long walks, meditating, tending my plant pets, taking long baths, or cooking dinner. I like your hair.